Ask an Autistic #6 – What’s Wrong With Autism Speaks?

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Ask an Autistic #6 - What's Wrong With Autism Speaks?

What's wrong with Autism Speaks? Why do so many Autistic people protest against Autism Speaks? How does Autism Speaks' cure rhetoric hurt the Autistic community? What are some good Autism organizations that I can donate to? How can I best support the Autistic community? Answers to all of these questions and more in this episode of Ask an Autistic!

My further thoughts on the topic of Autism Speaks, cure culture, and Autism Acceptance:

Autism Speak's 2010 Budget Reference:

More on why Autism Speaks is a terrible organization that hurts autistic people:

Non-verbal Autistic advocates who oppose Autism Speaks and advocate for acceptance and neurodiversity:
Amy Sequenzia
Amanda Baggs
Henry Frost
Dora Raymaker
Carly Fleischmann
Ido Kedar

Information on the Autism Rights Movement, Autism Acceptance, and the Social Model of Disability:

Autism organizations that I recommend:

My blog:

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