Autistic Savant Talks About The Good Doctor

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Autistic Savant Talks About The Good Doctor

Autistic Savant and Pencil Artist Remrov Talks About the TV show ‘The Good Doctor’. Remrov truly loves the show and he relates a lot to the main character Dr. Shaun Murphy. The experiences of Dr. Shaun Murphy are very recognizable to Remrov, and in this video he shares a few of his own personal experiences. Remrov also explains why autistic people respond in a certain way and what goes on in the mind of an autistic savant. Remrov’s goal is to raise awareness and understanding about autism and he feels that ‘The Good Doctor’ contributes a lot to that goal.

A big Thanks to David Shore and all the amazing actors, writers, directors and producers for making such an awesome show. You can watch the show on Monday evenings on American Broadcasting Company (ABC) (USA) and Canadian Television (CTV) (Canada).

Production Companies
EnterMedia Contents
Shore Z Productions
Sony Pictures Television

The Main Cast:
Freddie Highmore - Dr. Shaun Murphy
Nicholas Gonzalez - Dr. Neil Melendez
Antonia Thomas - Dr. Claire Browne
Chuku Modu - Dr. Jared Kalu
Beau Garrett - Jessica Preston
Tamlyn Tomita - Allegra Aoki
Hill Harper - Dr. Marcus Andrews
Richard Schiff - Dr. Aaron Glassman

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