Autistics Speaking: Self-Advocacy in a Culture of Cure (part two)

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Autistics Speaking: Self-Advocacy in a Culture of Cure (part two)

Content warning: Mentions of child abuse, Autism Speaks, ABA, MMS (CD/Chlorine Dioxide treatment) and institutional ableism.

Part one here:

This summer I presented a workshop at Inclusion BC's 2014 conference "Tides of Change". My awesome husband Marvin filmed it for me! We had some technical difficulties so the video quality isn't great, and the sound is worse, so I'm sorry about that. Also, it's pretty long (about 90 minutes). Here's part one!

Workshop description: This workshop will examine the current "culture of cure" and discuss how it harms the Autistic community and impedes Autistic individuals' self-advocacy efforts.

We will compare the medical model of disability to the social model of disability and explore the concepts of Neurodiversity and acceptance as alternative to cure culture.

We will also discuss what it means to self advocate and how to advocate for yourself in the four main circles of your life— in your family, amongst your peers and friends, in an education or employment setting, and in the realm of organizations, institutions, and society.

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