Celebratory “1000 Youtube Subscribers” Giveaway!

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Celebratory "1000 Youtube Subscribers" Giveaway!

Hi everyone! The rules of the giveaway are as follows:

- To enter the giveaway, comment on this video telling me which of my videos so far has been your favourite, and a topic (or topics) you would like to see discussed in a future video!

- You can comment as many times as you like, but each person's name will only be entered into the draw once.

- I will randomly select a winner on July 09, 2014 and will reveal the username of the winner in a video that week. If you win I will be sending you a message via the Youtube private messaging system, so please make sure that you are able to receive messages.

- If the winner of the giveaway doesn't get reply to me within 24 hours I will draw for a new winner.

- You don't have to be subscribed to my channel to enter, but if you are subscribed to me and you win I will include a little something extra with your print 🙂

- I am willing to ship the prize (one 8"x10" print of my "Autistic Cat's Special Interests" illustration) anywhere in the world, so international followers are more than welcome to enter!

- Feel free to message me with any questions. Good luck!

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