Education Techniques for Children with Autism

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Education Techniques for Children with Autism

Autism Speaks Co-founder Suzanne Wright addressed a group of fifty teachers at Nantucket High School's Professional Development Day on Tuesday, August 28, 2007, and announced the development of an autism resource center at the school. After her speech, she introduced Dr. Ivy Feldman, a clinical psychologist specializing in child psychology and Educational Director at the McCarton School, and Dr. Ann Densmore, a speech and language consultant for private and public schools, who presented on various education techniques.
Suzanne Wright addresses teachers at Nantucket High School
Dr. Feldman spoke about using Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) in an integrated setting, while Dr. Densmore presented strategies for teaching communication through play. The teachers in attendance also viewed the Ad Council spots, and the documentary "Autism Every Day"

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