Lance’s Brewery Tour Meets Autism Speaks

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Lance's Brewery Tour Meets Autism Speaks

Lance Rice is a 55 year old man with a dream. For years he's wanted to write a book on American beer breweries past and present and travel across the country to visit them. As an individual living with autism though, achieving his dream on his own would be challenging. Lance's nephew, Aaron, a filmmaker based in LA, saw his uncle's story as an important one to tell, and has since started Lance's Brewery Tour, which takes Lance, Aaron, and an entire film crew to some of America's greatest breweries.

On July 8, 2013, Lance's Brewery Tour stopped at Brooklyn Brewery in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Kerry Magro of Autism Speaks sat down with Lance and Aaron to discuss the project, Lance's inspiring triumphs and personal growth throughout the tour, and their experiences of living (and achieving their dreams) with autism.

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