Living Atypically – What Autism Feels Like – Remrov’s Introduction

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Living Atypically - What Autism Feels Like - Remrov's Introduction

In my first video I talk about living atypically. What does autism feel like? What effect does it have on my life? How did I develop? Is it possible to have friendships?
When I was younger I didn't understand any language or anything else around me. I was extremely isolated. I didn't know how to communicate or interact with others or how to express myself. Now I have build quite a social network and a global fan base for my drawings. I sell my photorealistic pencil drawings all over the world, and give presentations about autism on a regular basis.

My goal of these videos is to raise awareness, and to teach people about autism from a person on the 'inside'. I want to create a bridge between the autistic and neurotypical worlds and be a voice for non-verbal people with autism.

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