Meet Sellim Pullum – speaker at APAC17

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Meet Sellim Pullum - speaker at APAC17

Dr Selim Pullu has has been teaching ancient history and archaeology for more than two decades. He has dedicated his last four years to understanding and helping his son Ege who was diagnosed with autism. He extensively researched about autism, the education system, community networks in conjunction with schools, teachers, therapists, specialists as well as non-governmental organisations.
Dr Selim Pullu and his wife Handan worked with Positive Partnerships, a Commonwealth Government initiative to build capacity among teachers and parents of school aged children, to develop resources for culturally and linguistically diverse communities. This video is an extract of the video that Positive Partnership produced to integrate in its parents workshops. Dr Pullu received Aspect's ‘Parent/Carer of the Year Award’ in 2016.

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