My Name is Neal | Autism Speaks

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My Name is Neal | Autism Speaks

My Name Is Neal features the words of a young non-verbal man living with autism who communicates through his ipad. The words were written for a speech that was given by Neal at the UN on World Autism Awareness Day. My Name is Neal is the second in a series of “My Name Is” animated shorts, the first being My Name Is David, that feature words written by people living with autism. The series is directed by Matt Manning, whose work includes Robot Chicken and Blank: A Vinylmation Love Story and was produced by Matt Asner of Autism Speaks. The idea behind the series is to have a colorful, educational and entertaining look at the entire spectrum of autism. Each person on this spectrum is entirely unique and has something to say in bringing awareness to the general public. Special thanks yous go out to Elaine Hall and The Miracle Project who coproduced this film and also to the band Elbow who graciously let us use their beautiful song, Open Arms, for the film.

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