Patreon Live-Stream – Rapid Fire Answers – August 2016

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Patreon Live-Stream - Rapid Fire Answers - August 2016

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This was the patron-exclusive August episode of Rapid Fire Answers, in which I answer as many questions related to autism, disability, and my experiences as I can in 30 minutes. These streams are live to my Patreon supporters. (Live-stream starts at 2:40)

This video needs captions! Please feel free to contribute to the subtitles for this video. Instructions here:

3:52 How can a socially anxious person who needs verbal reassurance and a shut-down, nonverbal autistic person respect each other’s needs?

6:56 How can an autistic person show support for someone while putting their own emotions or opinions to the side?

12:20 “Does every autistic person have a special interest? Does the intensity of interest in it vary person to person?”

14:53 Does having muted or weak emotions have to do with being autistic, and why does it occur?

17:41 “If you don't mind sharing, what's something you did as a child that you got in trouble for that was just plain kid behavior, as opposed to an autistic tendency that you couldn't help?”

20:27 Is it possible to experience sensory overload in different ways? Can a headache be sensory overload?

22:06 Can an autistic person be hyposensitive to input one day, and hypersensitive to the same input on another day?

24:10 I don’t think I’m autistic but I share a lot of autistic traits- is it okay for me to use stim toys and coping mechanisms aimed at autistic people?

26:50 I stim almost constantly- is this normal? How much stimming is too much?

28:43 I use the term Aspie to describe myself, but I don’t prefer it. Which term I should use for myself, to be inclusive to the autistic community?

29:52 How did you decide to be a public speaker? I want to share my knowledge but I get very nervous speaking in public.

32:40 How do I take an assessment for autism?

34:56 I am autistic and struggle with what to say and how to make conversation. I want to become
closer with my friend- how do you get closer to someone without talking?

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