Remrov and Pilaf Suddenly Forced to Move

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Remrov and Pilaf Suddenly Forced to Move

We are suddenly forced to move because of a bakery that moved in on the ground floor of our building. Since they opened, we and other people in the building have been waking up extremely nauseated from the baking fumes, and it slingshotted Pilaf into a critical state and in intensive care. On Saturday March 18th, the day the bakery opened, Edward tried to talk to the manager of the bakery, but she was extremely dismissive and said they couldn't do anything about it. On Monday Edward tried to talk to the owner of the bakery and the landlord, which didn't help. The next few days, Edward contacted several other organizations, including the fire department and our city councillor. Finally air quality experts arrived and asked questions. Improvements were made, but it's still too toxic for Pilaf and annoying for us. So we're moving into the building across the street (an autism-friendly solution).

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