Stephen – Autism in the Workplace

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Stephen - Autism in the Workplace

Stephen is currently employed as a part-time Accounts Receivable Clerk at Masterplan located in Chatsworth, CA. His employer recognizes the hard work, focus, and skills of Stephen. His colleagues highly respect and admire his completed work assignments revolving his accounting tasks on data bases as well as manual written documentation which are very detail oriented and void of errors.

The Mission of Jay Nolan Community Services, Inc. (JNCS) is to enable individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder and other Developmental Disabilities to live fulfilling lives as members of the community by providing support services customized to their individual needs. JNCS provides an array of support services in Los Angeles and its surrounding counties and in Santa Clara County, offering individualized planning guided by the needs and wishes of the person receiving services and his or her circle of support.

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