Surfers Healing 13th Annual Pat Notaro Day

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Surfers Healing 13th Annual Pat Notaro Day

Autism Live covered Surfers Healing 13th Annual Pat Notaro Day. Through this program, families whose lives are affected by autism are invited to Malibu beach for a day of surfing.

Special thanks to the amazing parents, sponsors and volunteers such as front man of the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Anthony Kiedis, photographer Steve Lippman, professional surfer from Hawaii, Reno Makani and volunteers such as Brandon Cruz who shared with us their experience working with program director Izzy Paskowitz.

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Additional Footage By: Reno Makani (GoPro) and Chris Phelps
Produced, filmed and edited: Suzanne Oshinsky
Associate Producer: Emily Goodwin

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