Thomas – Autism in the Workplace

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Thomas - Autism in the Workplace

During his final year at Burlington High School, Thomas was referred to Ken's Krew, formally known as Ken's Kids Inc., by his Transition Coordinator and DVR Counselor. At the time, Thomas was looking for a part-time job that would be flexible with his college schedule in the fall, as well as help pay for his car insurance and gas money. Thomas' parents, school staff and DVR counselor felt that Ken's Krew would be a good match because it offered extensive on the job support. The three months of side by side intensive job coaching provided by a Home Depot trained vocational trainer would allow Thomas enough time to become comfortable with his job duties, build self confidence and establish natural supports within the store.

The mission of Ken's Kids, Inc., a nonprofit corporation, is to provide adults diagnosed with intellectual and learning disabilities with vocational training and placement services, which lead to employment at Fortune 100 companies, The Home Depot, CVS Caremark pharmacies, or other corporate partners. These jobs add meaning and purpose to the lives of these individuals who become productive citizens with a promising future. The candidates for job placement and support must demonstrate an ability to function independently in the workplace with appropriate accommodations and supports.

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